Ζ How did this get filmed?

Bo-ring! Imagine you took a brilliantly re-imagined show and then killed it by adding all sorts of psuedo-spiritualism and third-rate soap opera tendencies.  Then, take out all the good parts.  That’s Craprica for you.

Now, I should mention that I first watched this on its initial release, so, I didn’t know what anyone who saw the series afterwards knew…

This review covers the DVD release of the pilot, which was billed as a movie on the cover.  It was like watching all the worst elements of BSG‘s fourth season. It was long, slow and had ponderous dialogue.  I struggled to keep watching up to the point when the plot finally got going.  Then it ended.  Surprise!  Pilot!

While the acting in this movie was very good, it could not save a long tedious plot that really did not end at all.  No sense of conclusion.  It was clearly written as the pilot for what became the new series, and thus the marketing of it as a movie is complete lie. It left us on a cliff hanger. That would have been fine had this been advertised as a pilot, but it was put out as a movie.  Sucked, but worse was still to come…


About Thomas Evans

I'm a writer of mysteries, espionage, and speculative fiction. In my previous incarnation I was an archaeologist specializing in gender and identity in Iron and Bronze Age Europe. Mostly, however, I was known for my works with the use of geomatics, multiscalular spatial analysis and landscape theory within archaeology.
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