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I'm a writer of mysteries, espionage, and speculative fiction. In my previous incarnation I was an archaeologist specializing in gender and identity in Iron and Bronze Age Europe. Mostly, however, I was known for my works with the use of geomatics, multiscalular spatial analysis and landscape theory within archaeology.

Battlestar Galactica: episode 1- 33

I just rewatched this episode, and while it remains a superior bit of sci fi and milfic, it amazed me how irritating I found the Baltar scenes. This is solely due to knowledge of the final reveals of the series. … Continue reading

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The Guardian

The men and women of the US Coast Guard do a difficult job for little pay or glory; a job that is long past due to be recognized in film. Sadly, The Guardian only deepens the debt Continue reading

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Crash Dive

Ε Watchable in genre, but you could probably definately do better.   Take a second rate romantic comedy and combine it with a second rate action-cum-proganda film and you end up with a fourth rate movie. Nothing novel in this subfilm gone bad.

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Das Boot

Α Great flick, must see regardless of what Genres you enjoy.  Makes you think of things beyond the scope of the story. The best sub movie of all time. No doubt. Tight, gripping action, fantastic dialogue (best heard in German … Continue reading

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Caprica: Series 1 and 1.5

If one was going to take a great television concept and try to ensure that it would not only fail, but bring down other shows along with it, Caprica should be one’s model. see for full review. Continue reading

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Ζ How did this get filmed? Bo-ring! Imagine you took a brilliantly re-imagined show and then killed it by adding all sorts of psuedo-spiritualism and third-rate soap opera tendencies.  Then, take out all the good parts.  That’s Craprica for you. Now, … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica: Season 4

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 is pure, unadulterated Craprica. Continue reading

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