How the Grading Works…

All reviews must have a scale… or so I’ve been told.  As a result, I have adapted the scale I use in my book reviews to cover ‘films’ (by which I mean what ever form of visual narrative I decide to incluse on this site.   I use the Greek Alphabet because, in my view, the star system has suffered from the same grade inflation that Universities have.  Three out of five stars should mean this is a perfectly good film, but has come to mean mediocre (in the same way mediocre has come to mean less than average… go figure).

Α Great flick, must see regardless of what Genres you enjoy.  Makes you think of things beyond the scope of the story.
Β Fantastic flick within the genre, probably worth seeing regardless of which genre’s you like, but has a setting or style that may not appeal to individuals who are not fans of a given genre. 
Γ Good flick within the genre.  Solid story, good characters, if you like this genre, watch it.
Δ Solid flick, but only watch it if you like the genre.
Ε Watchable in genre, but you could probably do better.  
Ζ How did this get filmed?
Ω The opposite of an Alpha.  An excellent flick, that breaks rules and/or may appeal more to people who do not normally watch the genre than those who are aficionados of it. 

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